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Search and Contract Management of Consultants

Consultants IconThe unique character of international engineering projects means encountering unknown problems. When these are temporary and one-of-a-kind, quickly calling on outside experts is necessary. Even with recurring problem patterns, the proper interim specialist can lay the right groundwork until internal resources are developed.

Experts who save your firm money

Assembling a team in sectors like oil and gas has always meant drawing heavily upon outside consultants, but in other areas this is still not as prevalent. Yet, in many areas there are a number of good reasons for bringing the right outside specialists on board:

Looking for and managing your outside experts made easier

With our international recruiting we help you to find the right specialist for your project. With our choice of sourcing avenues we strategically combine three points: our own databank structures, new media and a network of consultants we have built up over many years of sustained teamwork. The following qualifications set the profiles of these consultants apart:

We also offer you the possibility to manage your external team member through us and can help you find the right contract solution for both sides - the consultant and you.