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External specialist contract management forms the core of our business. Two distinct options are available here: classic Freelance Contract Management, where the external specialist remains self-employed as a consultant, and International Temping, where the specialist is employed by Ergonos for the duration of the project assignment.

In addition, Ergonos helps its clients search for external specialists and permanent position candidates.

Background and Orientation

Ergonos traces its origins back to 1992: the predecessor to the current company got its start by providing Freelance Contract Management services to an Italian client in the oil & gas industry.

Today Ergonos still works with a number of Italian clients that operate globally in the industry-based, project-driven environment.

The international makeup of our clientele continues to grow along with our expansion into other industrial sectors: currently 40% of our clients come from abroad; the power generation, petrochemical, steel and construction sectors have also become an integral part of our focus.

Our Mission

Our HR solutions help industry clients and external technical specialists to concentrate on their core skills, and therefore to achieve the project goal.

With Ergonos, clients can quickly and flexibly integrate external specialist know-how into their project team, thus avoiding delays – and claims.

Our Vision

In the field of flexible HR solutions, we are one of the most preferred service providers for businesses and external specialists globally.

Our Values

Four basic components are the reason for our long-term existence. They're the reason why we've worked with over 190 clients worldwide. And the reason why we've worked with 85% percent of our clients for more than five years. At the same time, they also provide the foundational basis for our future activities. For clients, specialists – and between one other.


More than twenty years experience in the international arena means that we understand the facets – and the complexity – of the business. A solution-oriented approach to providing quality services for clients and specialists is our priority.

Reliability, diligence and integrity: traditional principles characterize our daily business practice. Our professionalism is also reflected in our highly qualified staff and ongoing investments.


Flexibility comes from listening. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and specialists – and respond to changes. Accordingly, there can be situations where it makes more sense to use a specialist rather than hiring an employee.

This is why we've developed International Temping for both parties as an alternative instrument to Freelance Contract Management. The establishing of our subsidiary Ergonos Germany for business activities in the EU is an expression of the importance that we place on mobility.


It's our belief that client employees and external specialists should see eye-to-eye. We want the partnership to create a win-win situation. Our balanced, impartial approach also comes into play here. This attitude has proven its worth in settling conflicts of interest in particular and has been commended by clients and external specialists alike.


Family has shaped our company and represents an important value: like any business we need to make money – but we don't just focus on the numbers, we also value the people who are part of a business relationship.

We place long-term, steady client relationships over short-term profits. Ergonos stands before the threshold of the second generation of family members, ensuring that the company's DNA will be passed on.