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Contract Consulting, Contract Management and Partnership

Intro Consultants

As an external expert, you have responsibilities in addition to the project contract. Periods without work or project downtimes provide opportunities to work together. Our individualized partnership approach takes these added aspects into account.

Responsibilities of the external specialist

You are without a doubt an expert in your field. You would prefer to focus on only one thing: moving a critical project phase forward and being compensated according to your qualifications.

But unfortunately you also have to deal with other aspects that go along with working as a successful outside specialist: self-marketing, follow-up projects, expanding your network, negotiating compensation, expenses, airline tickets, open invoices or even social security and pension contributions.

How we can help you

We would like to help you with these aspects. Register free of charge at My Ergonos so that we have your profile on hand for the right client inquiries.

Learn more about the contract that could potentially work for your current situation. You are a unique individual—and each project is a new constellation of concerns. Accordingly, an individual assessment is the best way to determine which contract management form fits you best.

Perhaps your best contract management option for the project is freelance work, or perhaps it’s international temporary employment. With the latter, we’ll employ you for the duration of the current project but you’ll still have the benefits of a flexible employment model.

And if you’re interested and your schedule is flexible: let’s discuss other opportunities for working together that are related to your field of expertise. We are constantly expanding our network of consultants and welcome qualified input and exchange.