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Long-term partnership

Intro Consultants

As an outside specialist you play an important role during those project phases where the regular workforce lacks the requisite skills and experience. The client considers you an important member of the project team for these short-term job contracts – to us you are a long-term partner.

Your expertise makes the project a success

You may have a number of reasons for choosing to work as an outside specialist. Maybe you already gave up working as a permanent employee long ago because you value the greater autonomy and allure of new projects and challenges. Or after retirement you wanted to stay active and share your wealth of expertise.

Regardless of the path you’ve taken as a specialist: your long-term international experience makes you an important part of a project’s success.

A constant in your life as an external specialist

For each project you play a double role. You’re both part of the project team and an outside observer all-in-one. Your outside perspective and autonomy have numerous advantages. And yet as a rule the social relationship between permanent employees and their employers is more stable. Perhaps you miss certain aspects of this traditional connection.

This is also why we think of ourselves as a long-term partner - as a stable reference point in your life of ever-changing projects. We want to keep the conversation going with you even after managing your current contract.

At the same time, we value individual solutions that take into account both your personal situation as well as the project framework. Many consultants who have known us for years appreciate this trusting and communicative style of working together.