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Consultants PartnershipYou draw heavily on your expertise for the client’s project. More importantly, your wealth of expertise and flexible schedule offer additional potential for collaborative opportunities. Let’s discuss this together. 

Created out of a belief in partnership

Many external specialists have repeatedly emphasized how we've always communicated as a partner - a trait that perhaps separates us from other service providers. But we don’t need to be currently managing your contract for this to be the case.

It’s our belief that creating win-win situations beyond the time spent on job sites or in planning offices is also possible. By partnering with us you can achieve your full potential. Because there can be downtimes during your project – as well as between project contracts. These are the perfect windows of opportunity for working with us together.

Collaborative opportunities, as individual as you are

As an individual, you bring your own expertise and flexible schedule to the table. Working together with us can also be just as individual – for example when the client requests temporary specialists. But maybe you’re not interested in filling a currently offered position yourself but you know qualified individuals who might be?

A personal recommendation can be worth its value in gold. Some external experts who have known us for years do this when needed and without seeking remuneration because they have come to value us personally. Others invest their time in this work, introduce us to highly qualified contacts and seek compensation for their efforts as a result. To us both approaches are legitimate.

Our open, networked perspective allows for numerous forms of partnering together. For example, if you possess the skills for optimizing engineering processes that match the needs of our clients, we'd like to hear more about it. Or perhaps you're highly acquainted with engineering job categories? Then let’s discuss this together.