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MyErgonos for Clients

Keep the overview

Myergonos OverviewWith MyErgonos you can check current contracts, conditions, contractual documents, invoices and payments – no matter where you are or what time it is. At a glance you see which orders need your attention or which invoices are due. You can easily print or export any data.

Your data is secure with us

Myergonos SecurityThe security of your data is very important to us. Therefore, your data is completely encrypted and stored on our servers. It can only be accessed by you. In addition, you can increase the security level of your access by using “two factor authentication”. If you decide to use this procedure, for every login you will need a six-digit code which will be shown on your mobile phone. This procedure, which you may know from online banking, protects your access even in the case someone else knows your password.

Individual adjustment

Myergonos Individual AdjustmentWe set up an individual MyErgonos access for every single user. Hence, you can grant specific access rights and ensure that every user only sees his relevant information. A project manager can obtain his orders without seeing financial details, whereas an accountant can view invoices and payments. Even in case of nested corporate structures, you can easily manage these accesses across the company.